3 Steps To College | A unique life and career enrichment program for teens

We help teens pursue their college and career goals with confidence

An after-school program for 9th-12th graders to learn life and career skills, so they can succeed in college, career, and beyond.

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Is your teen prepared to face their academic and professional future?

Anxious they won’t find their best-fit college or personal path?

3 Steps can help you.

Concerned high school isn’t helping them discover their passions or potential?

3 Steps can help you.

Worried they are not ready to start the college application process?

3 Steps can help you.

Wondering if they’re prepared for the big life choices that lie ahead?

3 Steps can help you.

In today’s high stakes testing environment, many schools only focus on standards and content, often leaving out critical life and leadership skills.

The result? Students (and their parents) feel uninspired, unprepared, and unconfident about planning out their future.

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Planning your teen’s future should be exciting, not stressful

3 Steps to College is an after school, life and career skills enrichment program that helps teens:

Learn vital skills often overlooked in school

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Increase their chances of getting into a best-fit college

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Stand out on applications and interviews

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Confidently tackle their college search and selection process

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Our Approach

Our one-year proactive program for 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders helps teens answer three critical questions while building out the 5 C’s, critical leadership and life skills missing from schools today.

Step 1: Discover

Who are you?

Step 2: Decide

Where are you going?

Step 3 Design

What’s the plan?

Each step of our proven program builds 5 C’s:

These five skills help teens maximize the success of their future plans… today.

If your teen...

Completes the 3 Steps to College Program and masters the 5 C’s during their 8th, 9th, or 10th grade year.

Then they can...

  • Increase their chances at identifying and getting into their best-fit college.
  • Pursue their dream job or personal path with confidence.
  • Experience success in their personal academic and professional lives.

Get your teen started on their path today!

Enroll your teen in one of our 3 Steps programs.

We help them answer big questions and build lifechanging life and career skills (5 C’s).

Watch them pursue their college and career plans with confidence.

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