Admissions | 3 Steps To College
Our different programs bring together top aspiring fifteen to eighteen-year-old students to have a community of creative-minded innovators, leaders, and problem solvers. Read on to learn about our admissions process, program cost, and qualities of a great candidate to learn how you can be part of this amazing community.

What Makes A Great Candidate
For Our 3 Steps Program and Summer Camp?

Great applicants need to have shown self-initiative, resilience, problem solving capacity, critical thinking, leadership and teamwork skills that show the propensity for great future change maker.

Notice that grades and awards don’t make the list!

Yes, we will ask you to share with us some of your grades average scores, but don’t worry too much, for us, this is the least important part of the application.

Be ready, we will push you
outside of your comfort zone
Are you a real team player?
Are you capable of creating
real, measurable results
No time for excuses. Are you
capable of getting the job done?
Good ideas are not enough. Are you
capable to communicate effectively?
What Is Included In
The Application?

We want to get a sense of who you are, what you’ve accomplished, and what inspires you.

Our application is a 3 steps process that will give you many opportunities to shine.

*Only applicable for the 3 Steps To College Progam at our center and The 3 Steps Summer Camp.

1,000 characters.
We want to know how do you think.
Video (optional)
Who are you in a 30 seconds
Ok, what are you going to say to awake in us
the WOW Effect.
Financial Need-Based Support

Our admissions process is need-blind, meaning if you indicate that you need financial support, this will not impact your chances of acceptance in any way.

3 Steps offers special pricing for families who need tuition assistance. Please contact our admissions counselor for details. Our reduction of program fees will be based on specific family circumstances, location, costs, income, and assets. Please note that while we have offered financial need-based support to international students in previous years, this is subject to change.