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The 3 Steps Livestream Program

Welcome to the future. Welcome to the largest international classroom: the internet. This 12-session program will allow your teen to experience the 3 Steps to College key concepts, skills development, and online tools while interacting and working with teens all around the world.

Your teen will learn invaluable life and career skills, so they can get direction and experience success in college, career, and beyond.

About The Program

We believe in learning, not in teaching. It has to be FUN.

Discover all the tools our Online World offers to help your teen pursue a bright future with confidence.

What´s Included
  1. Twelve 60 to 90-minute livestream sessions by one of our 3 Steps program Directors.
  2. Four personalized follow up sessions by one of our 3 Steps Captains.
  3. Exclusive lifetime access to our 3 Steps Online World©.
  4. - My Molecule
    - My Career Map
    - My Life Map
    - My Top 3
    - My Online Reputation Planner
    - Online courses
  5. A personality survey and career aptitude assessment.
  6. Online support and more.
Teens between 16 and 20 years old.
All sessions are held online with one of our live stream captains. The group will also have extra online support and mentorship from our 3 Steps Junior Captains.

Once your teen is enrolled, they will receive access to the 3 Steps Online World© and our live stream classes that will be recorded and available within the online world.

How it goes

Students from all over the world

  • Example of Session 1:
  • The Brand – 25 minutes.
  • Why are we here? – Rules of engagement – 15 minutes.
  • Ok, Let’s talk about your future.
  • The molecule – 20 minutes.
  • Let’s walk through your 3 Steps Online World©
  • Example of Session 7:
  • Ridicule vs. Ridiculous – 5 minutes.
  • Building your online reputation - Part 2 - Using your online planner – 25 minutes.
  • My Life Map – Part 2 - 15 minutes.
  • The power of connecting with people - how to “click” in 60 seconds - 35 minutes.

2 sessions per week

60 to 90min Livestream session

  • Example of Session 11:
  • Lessons from Aikido - How to manage failure - 20 minutes.
  • The Labor Universe and current opportunities – Part 2 – 30 minutes.
  • Top high paying jobs - 15 minutes.
  • 2030 Cool jobs that currently don’t exist – Part 1 – 15 minutes.

Q&As about The Program

We’ve talked to several local parents and have compiled a list of the most common questions and ‘need to know’ information.

It is our hope that your questions are answered, but if we missed something please email us directly at,, and we’ll happily respond!

If your teen is the super high achiever, motivated, with a plan, this program is for her/him. If your teen is unmotivated, without a plan, this program is for her/him. Here is why: Everyone will get something different from the program. 3 Steps is designed to raise up your teen and move them two steps forward. At the end, every teen will have more direction, motivation and confidence.

They will be having fun and then learning in that order. The teens will work on different experiences and challenges. Since the program is not linear, they will be connecting dots throughout the program. That combination of constant stimulus is what we’ve learned over the years, can create a long-lasting positive impact in your teen.

The 3 Steps Online World is our "state of the art” custom-made online toolbox for your teen. They will find all kinds of tools to go through the program and answer the 3 critical questions for college career and beyond: Who am I? Where am I going, and Whats the plan?

The teens will be able to create their profile, win badges and awards, interact with teammates, have access to our exclusive tools such us: The Molecule, My Life Map, My Career Map, My Online Reputation Planner, My Top 3, and more. They will also have access to their Personal Development Assessment (PDA) analysis, online courses, and tons of engaging material.

All teens will have access to an online community. In this virtual “zone” teens will have their information, tests results and upload their work. It will be a great way for them to share with their parents their progress throughout the year.

Also, our staff is always happy to respond to any question a parent might have. At the end of the program, the parents can request a one on one consultation with their teen's 3 Steps Captain to analyze their performance and possible next steps.

We call our teachers captains. Why? Because a captain is inside the ship sharing the fate of their crew. That is the level of implication we like to offer our teens.

Our qualification is 10 years of experience. Our team is formed by top corporation executives, entrepreneurs, parents, thinkers, doers. This program was built over 10 years of hard work with thousands of teens and teachers in 5 different countries. Every 3 Steps instructor is evaluated by our corporation and highly trained in our program. Then they work as assistant captains for a whole year before having the clearance to perform as a 3 Steps Captain.

We don't come from the educational system, we don't work, evaluate, perform under educational system rules. Our approach is new and fresh based on life and professional experience.

We do not write or help your teen with his/her application for college. What we do is prepare your teen so he/she can use the tools, the motivation, the direction and the confidence to start working on his/her application process. And, they can approach this process with excitement instead of worry and stress.

After your teen is finished with our program, we will be offering one to one coaching sessions if your teen needs some extra help.

We believe in diversity, and we love diversity! That is why our goal is to have at least 25% of our students under a full scholarship. Do you need financial assistance? Please check the box in your application and feel confident that we will do our best to accommodate your teen in our program. Our admissions process is need-blind, meaning if you indicate that you need financial support, this will not impact your chances of acceptance in any way.

3 Steps offers special pricing for families who need tuition assistance. Please contact our admissions counselor for details. Our reduction of program fees will be based on specific family circumstances, location, costs, income, and assets. Please note that while we have offered financial need-based support to international students in previous years, this is subject to change.

Please click on the application tab and choose between the different starting dates and schedules we are currently offering. Thank you.

You don’t have to feel anxious or worried about your teen not being on the right track for College.

Partner with 3 Steps to College today!

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